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AEH CMM은 Renishaw 악세사리를 사용합니다.
모듈 교환 장치
▣ Module change rack
▣ TP20 stylus module
▣ Module change rack
▣ TP200 stylus module
▣ Flexible change rack
▣ SM25 Scanning module
▣ TM25-20 TTP module adaptor
▣ SH25 scanning stylus holder
▣ TP20 stylus module
▣ Stylus change rack
▣ SP80 stylus
▣ Probe / Stylus holders change rack
▣ Revo probe / Stylus
▣ Module change rack
▣ TP20 stylus module (PH20)
Renishaw사의 PH10 프로브 헤드와 프로브를 신규로 구매하실 경우,
모듈교환장치(MCR20, SCR200, FCR25&MRS)를 무상으로 제공합니다.
헤드 조정 장치
▣ The AM1 adjustment module has been designed for use with the PH6M and MIH manual probe heads and PH10M motorised probe heads. It provides quick and accurate angular alignment of the motorised probe head with the CMMs axes and/or the autochange rack.
▣ The quick release mechanism allows the head to be removed for storage and replaced without further alignment. Inbuilt overtravel protection decreases the risk of head damage.
▣ Adjustment module (for PH10MQ / MQH).
▣ The PH10MQ and MQH heads are attached directly to the CMM quill via AM2
▣ Quick reference guide - a selection of our most popular styli
▣ Ball material properties
▣ Extension material properties
▣ Accuracy at the point of contact - choosing the right stylus
▣ M2 threaded stylus range
▣ M3 threaded stylus range
▣ M4 threaded stylus range
▣ M5 threaded stylus range
▣ Specialist ball materials
▣ Accessories
▣ Product listing by part number
데이텀 볼
Datum Sphere
▣ Hard wearing tungsten carbide sphere (ball) available in five sizes
▣ Metric : Ø12 mm, Ø19 mm and Ø25 mm
▣ Inch : Ø3/4 in and Ø1 in
▣ Sphericity : to within 0.1 μm (0.000004 in)
▣ Diametric tolerance : ±1 μm (00004 in)
▣ Adaptor available for twin ball applications (optional)
▣ Quick and easy adjustment to set ball stem over a wide range of probe datuming angles.
▣ 360° in the horizontal plane, and ±45° in the vertical plane.
▣ Each datum sphere is supplied with its own certificate, traceable to UK (NPL) standards.
▣ The actual diameter of each ball is engraved on the ball stem.
▣ A vertical positioning feature provides positive feel when the stem arrives in vertical position.